Sofia Tapani
Freediver - NR Holder

Sofia Tapani

Sofia has been freediving since 2009, after 3 months she entered her first freediving competition and was hooked. Coming from competitive swimming and owning no fins, diving with no fins became her game and she has since set several national records in both dynamic and constant weight no fins. Sofia lives at the Swedish West Coast close to the beautiful, dark, deep Gullmaren. A Swedish threshold fiord with marine life such as seals, fish, crabs and jellyfish. In the fiord, she teaches freediving and does most of her training for the deep dives. This place offers thermoclines, caves and cliffs and is Sofia’s favorite place for freediving. In the winter time she enjoys ice diving and warm drinks afterwards. Training in these, for some, rough conditions gave her the perfect set up for competing in tropical waters. Train hard-Compete easy. In 2019, she became the deepest Swede with bifins (counting both men and women). The national record was set at the Caribbean Cup in Roatan diving to 74m.

Having set 16 national records across multiple freediving disciplines, Sofia is now looking forward to seeing how deep she can go with two fins. The Roatan diving competition was her first trying out bifins deep diving and the journey has just begun.


16 national records in freediving, current national record holder in CWTB, DNF
First Swedish woman at 200m in DYN
Deepest Swede with 74m in CWTB(this is also a Scandinavian/Nordic record)
AIDA instructor and co-founder of Sweden's only AIDA freediving school "Fridykare"
AIDA D Judge
4th place at AIDA World Championships in 2011
Ranked #3 in the world, all disciplines in 2017

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