Annelie Pompe
Freediver - Instructor

Annelie Pompe

Annelie Pompe is a professional adventurer from Sweden. She works as a inspirational speaker, adventure guide, freediving / yoga & breathing teacher, author and photographer. Amongst her adventurous achievements is a world record freedive to 126m on one breath, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side and climbing the 7 summits. 

Adventures happen on the inside as much as it does on the outside. Annelie believes adventures are more about attitude than adrenaline. It’s the studies and work with the mind that took her to to the extreme limits of the body, which made her the highest and deepest human in the world. She prefers nature and outdoors before the city or indoors and does most outdoor sports like climbing, freediving, yoga, running, skiing, surfing, kayaking and mountainbiking.

 As Annelie has spent most of her life in nature and has seen the effects of humans everywhere. She believes in giving back to nature through sharing and caring. She is a passionate advocate for the Ocean and gives back through teaching free diving, ghost net diving and being an ocean ambassador for WWF.



WWT 126m WR

CWT 99m
FIM 72m PB

Climbed the 7 summits

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