"The Great White North is not a place one normally associates with freediving. Yet, Canada has a reputable history in the sport with vanguards such as Mandy-Rae Krack, William Winram and Eric Fattah that produced early world records and contributed to technical development.

As we look to a new decade and the next freediving season on the international circuit, we reflect on what was a hugely successful 2019 for Canadian freediving. As old records were broken and new ones set, there seems to be a veritable rise of new champions, seemingly a long time in the making as a new wave of Canadian athletes makes their mark on the competitive stage.

New national records were set in both depth and pool in 2019. While it might be easy to attribute these to the new AIDA Constant Weight Bifins discipline, in fact, long-standing records in CWT and FIM were broken. New continental records were also established, making last year a pivotal one for Canada in the sport.

Two athletes, in particular, made huge contributions by competing internationally across all four depth disciplines. To find out what it took to get there, I sat down with Sheena McNally of Alberta and Matthieu Duvault of Quebec to talk about their achievements and what it took to get there".

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