Zoe Springer
Freediver - Instructor - Photographer - Writer

Zoe Springer

Born in Germany in 1994, Zoe grew up on horseback in the Swiss Alps and underwater in the Mediterranean blue. Working a career in the fashion industry in London, Zoe obtained Bachelor's degrees in Creative Direction, History of Art and Fine Art Practice from Central Saint Martins. She remains a Writer and Photographer to this day.

At 20 years old Zoe was diagnosed with a rare degenerative bone condition in her legs. She underwent multiple surgeries, which ultimately left her wheelchair and bed bound for nearly a decade. Years of rehabilitation and chronic pain; water soon became the only element in which she could fully freely move. And so, crutches were quickly traded in for fins.

A trip to Utila, Honduras was planned to continue exploring her body in relation to the aquatic world. Brimming with enthusiasm for what was thought to be a momentary adventure, she wandered into Freedive Utila one rainy morning to sign up for a Beginner Freedive course. Astounded, she realized that she now resided in a body that was capable of things that were once abstract and impossible. A new way of living unveiled itself. 

After completing her Instructor, in true Zoe form, she decided to push the envelope further and challenge every doctors limited expectations. She moved to Roatan to pursue greater depths. A mere six months after commencing Freediving, Zoe completed a 65m BiFin; a dive she had secretly vowed would seal a determination to start a competitive career. After a terrifying prognosis promising the demise of her autonomy and mobility, Zoe competed in the 2022 AIDA Caribbean Cup in Roatan where she gained 3rd Overall Female. 

Currently moving to Dahab she plans to continue training, competing and raising awareness for people living with chronic illness. She hopes to inspire and share her journey in which this unique sport and passion provides us an alternative view of our bodies limitless potential. 


3rd Overall Female AIDA Caribbean Cup 2022

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